​​​​​​​NatGeo’s Killing Jesus Website Might Be The Greatest Story Ever Scrolled.
Mullen has created a digital experience of Biblical proportions to support National Geographic Channel’s Killing Jesus, a three-hour docudrama premiering March 29, which is Palm Sunday. The Show is based on the best-selling book of the same name.
An immensely detailed, immersive website tells the story from three different perspectives: Son of God(the view of Christ and his disciples); Son of Man (the view of the Jewish priests of the time); and Threat to Rome (taking in political/economic implications). Each perspective is represented by a different crown: thorns, religious headdress and Roman laurels. This technique provides users with a  panoramic perspective of Jesus’s life, allowing them to explore events from every conceivable angle.
The life and death of Jesus has been called the greatest story ever told. So how do you tell it in a new way? That was the challenge posed to Mullen by National Geographic in the lead up to their latest historical drama, Killing Jesus. To achieve this, we gathered a team of creative, technology, historical and religious experts to push the narrative beyond the one well-known perspective. We combined custom hand-painted artwork with an original score, voice-over talent from the film, historical and archaeological content, and over 6,000 hours of development time, to create the greatest story ever retold.

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