Boulder Digital Works is one of the most progressive, digitally-focused graduate programs in the world and it needed its website to reflect that. The digital landscape is in a state of constant change so we created a website that could constantly change with it.
We developed a bookmark for all BDW community members, asking them to tag inspiring sites that they felt represented everything from the most cutting edge digital creative work, to the latest business trends. These tagged sites then became the BDW homepage. A custom facebook commenting system allowed visitors to add their own comments — further extending the reach of this growing community. We also completely reinvented their application process, essentially doubling their applicant pool in a matter of weeks.
We were fortunate enough to pick up a One Show pencil and ADC cube along the way. 

We gave first time visitors a little download on how things worked. 

Any member of the BDW team, including students, could tag sites using our bookmarklet. Those sites then became the homepage of the program. 

Custom commenting allowed anyone to share thoughts using their Facebook account.

Ultimately all the submissions were archived creating a timeline and resource for trends on the web. 

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