Boston Children’s Hospital needed a video for the launch of their fundraising campaign “Dream Dare Deliver.” 
Our brief was simple—showcase all the discoveries taking place at BCH in an inspirational way that felt different than all the other talking-head hospital videos out there.
But how do we go about explaining some of the world’s most advanced technologies and research in a way that was so simple even a child could understand it?
Answer: We approached it like a kid would—with amazement, wonder and a LOT of curiosity about the subject. And we wrote a children’s book. 
We then partnered with Tronco, a production company in Argentina, to handcraft our story out of paper and turn it into a pop-up book. Together, we ideated how to visually portray these very complicated technologies in the simplest way possible. And then, we filmed every page turn, tab-pull and fold of the page in-camera, without any Hollywood special effects. Just pure craft all the way

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