In a world of fast-paced connections, slick computers and technologically advanced messaging devices, nothing replaces the simple power of a handwritten card.
To remind the hyperconnected, tech-oriented world that cards still matter, we unveiled “A Device Like No Other” at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest technology convention.
We revealed our device with a glossy video and an appearance by actor/author/humorist Nick Offerman, who’s famous for his love of handmade craftsmanship and woodworking skills. He unboxed our “tech,” brought it to various stages at CES, and spoke of its many virtues to the press in our custom-built experience.
Every other booth at CES featured elaborate high-tech devices, but our space was just about the card.
Over the course of the convention, thousands of visitors checked out the American Greetings Connection Hub to see how cards are made, and even interacted with American Greetings associates to help send custom handmade cards to their loved ones.
And by the end, visitors walked away with a powerful reminder — that the right occasion calls for the right technology. And when it comes to devices, an American Greetings card can be the most powerful.

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